1. The Economic Revival of Russia Editorial Board welcomes contributions on current issues of fundamental and applied economic theory, business practices and research activities of the economic community.
  2. Submission length: 25,000-45,000 characters (with spaces); illustrations should not exceed 50% of submission length (each illustration should not exceed 1 page). Submission originality: no more than 25% of submitted material may match an outside source.
  3. Scholarly articles should incorporate the following elements: general problem statement; substantiation of its relevance in the context of major scientific and practical issues; analysis of the latest research and publications (including foreign sources) that seek to resolve the issue raised in the submission and provide the background for the author’s work; identification of previously unresolved aspects of the general issue discussed in the submission; statement of objectives (problem definition); body of the submission featuring comprehensive analysis of obtained results; conclusions and prospects for further research in the field.
  4. All submissions should comply with the following formatting standards: 14-point Times New Roman font throughout the text; 1.5 spacing; 2 cm margins on all sides; all abbreviations should be defined at first mention; figures (their quantity reasonable) should be submitted as separate files, preferably in TIF format; tables should be drawn on separate pages, use 12-point font for numerical data and feature topical headings.
  5. References should be provided at the end of the text and comply with the GOST Р.7.0.5-2008 standard.
  6. GOST Р.7.0.5-2008 suggests several options for in-text citations and short references. In order to ensure the uniformity of style throughout the journal, the Editorial Board advises that authors use the following format for citations and references.
  7. References should be numbered to reflect the order of their mention in the submission. When citing journal articles or essays in a collection, provide the page range for the entire article or essay. For in text citations, provide the reference’s respective number in square brackets (e.g. [2], [2, 3]. When providing page numbers, use the following format: [2, p. 312]; [3, p. 312–320]. When mentioned in the text of the submission, names of foreign authors should be transliterated into Russian.
  8. For all references to printed sources, provide total number of pages; for articles, provide page range. Unpublished sources should not be included in the list of references. For all references with a DOI (digital object identifier), include the DOI at the end of the entry.
  9. When citing electronic sources accessed remotely (online sources), provide access date in round brackets (access date: 01.03.2020) following the hyperlink.
  10. All references mentioned in the reference list should be cited in the text, and vice versa. It is the author’s responsibility to provide a properly transliterated list of references. Authors are encouraged to use the following transliteration tool: https://translit.net/.

Abstract Requirements

Abstracts should not contain any general words that increase abstract length, but fail to contribute to the summary of the submission. Abstracts should reflect essential research results, be succinct (150-200 words for submissions in Russian, 200-250 words for submissions in English), exclude auxiliary information an follow the structure of the submission

Keyword Requirements

The list of keywords in Russian and in English should consist of 5–8 keywords and/or phrases (each keyword should be separated by a comma).