1. The Economic Revival of Russia Editorial Board welcomes contributions
    on current issues of fundamental and applied economic theory, business practices
    and research activities of the economic community.
  1. Scholarly articles should incorporate the following elements: general
    problem statement; substantiation of its relevance in the context of major scientific
    and practical issues; analysis of the latest research and publications (including
    foreign sources) that seek to resolve the issue raised in the submission and provide
    the background for the author’s work; identification of previously unresolved
    aspects of the general issue discussed in the submission; statement of objectives
    (problem definition); body of the submission featuring comprehensive analysis of
    obtained results; conclusions and prospects for further research in the field.
  2. Authors should cite sources for statistical data and provide a list of
    references. Self-citation is deemed unethical.
  3. Apart from the text of the article, authors should provide its a UDC
    classifier, title, abstract and keywords in Russian and in English.
  4. The journal does not charge submission, review, copyediting or
    publication fees.
  5. The author warrants that he holds exclusive copyright on the submission
    (article) and that submitted material is original. Moreover, the author warrants that
    while the submission is being considered for publication it will not be submitted to
    other scholarly journals or transferred to any third persons.
  6. Submissions should be sent to the publisher’s email account: evr@inir.ru.
  7. Each author should provide his last name, first name, patronymic (if
    applicable), affiliations, position, academic degree and rank, and email and phone
    number for communications with the Editorial Office. Author details should be
    provided in Russian and in English.
  8. Submission length: 25,000–45,000 characters (with spaces); illustrations
    should not exceed 50% of submission length (each illustration should not exceed 1
  9. All submissions should comply with the following formatting standards:
    14-point Times New Roman font throughout the text; 1.5 spacing; 2 cm margins
    on all sides; all abbreviations should be defined at first mention; figures (their
    quantity reasonable) should be submitted as separate files, preferably in TIF
    format; tables should be drawn on separate pages, use 12-point font for numerical
    data and feature topical headings.
  10. References should be provided at the end of the text and comply with the
    GOST Р.7.0.5-2008 standard. References should be numbered to reflect the order
    of their mention in the submission. When citing journal articles or essays in a
    collection, provide the page range for the entire article or essay. For in-text
    citations, provide the reference’s respective number in square brackets (e.g. [2], [2,
    3]. When providing page numbers, use the following format: [2, p. 312]; [3, p.
    312–320]. When citing electronic sources accessed remotely (online sources),
    provide access date in round brackets (access date: 01.03.2020) following the
    hyperlink. All references mentioned in the reference list should be cited in the
    text, and vice versa. It is the author’s responsibility to provide a properly
    transliterated list of references.
  11. The Editorial Office reserves the right to make necessary editorial
    changes and/or shorten the text of the submission.
  12. All scholarly articles submitted to the Economic Revival of Russia
    undergo mandatory peer review.
  13. In each individual case, peer review times are determined so as to create
    the conditions for prompt publication of the submission.
  14. Peer review is confidential. The author of a reviewed submission has the
    opportunity to read the text of the review. Breach of anonymity is possible only
    when a reviewer claims inaccuracy or falsification of research data.
  15. Peer Review Process. Within the term of one month, a reviewer reads
    submitted materials, analyzes them and sends his review to the Editorial Office.
    The review should contain: general impression of the submission; assessment of its
    compliance with requirements for scholarly publications, including novelty and
    originality of research, as well as substantiation and significance of conclusions
    and suggestions presented in the article; substantiated recommendation to accept
    the submission, reject it (listing specific reasons for such rejection) or send the
    submission to the author for revision with the possibility of further reconsideration.
    Reviews are submitted in writing and certified with reviewer signature and seal.
  16. If a reviewer recommends to amend and revise a submission, a member
    of the Editorial Office sends the text of the review to the author with the suggestion
    to incorporate suggested changes into a new version of the submission or
    substantiate why the author chooses to refute them in whole or in part. Amended
    (revised) submissions undergo repeat reviewing.
  17. If a reviewer recommends to reject a submission, the journal will not
    reconsider it. In case of a negative review, its text is sent to the author via email,
    fax or regular mail.
  18. Original reviews are kept at the Economic Revival of Russia Editorial
    Office for three years.
  19. Once the Editorial Office makes the decision to publish a submission, an
    Office representative notifies the author thereof and provides publication dates.