Guidelines of writing, reviewing and publication for authors in the journal “Economic Revival of Russia”

  1. The editorial board of the journal “Economic Revival of Russia” accepts articles on current problems of Russia’s economic development, primarily the development of scientific-based and high-tech sectors of manufacturing industry and industrial policy at different levels of management.
  2. Research articles have to include the following elements:
    • general problem and justification of its connection with the most important scientific and practical tasks;
    • the analysis of recent research and publications (including foreign) with the ideas of possible solution of this problem that the author addresses to and relies upon;
    • selection of previously unsolved parts of the main problem that the article is devoted to;
    • formulation of the article goals (task assignment);
    • presentation of the basic matter of the research with complete justification of the results;
    • conclusions of research and prospects for further research in this area.
  3. It is obligatory to make references to statistics and bibliography used. References to author’s own publications are incorrect.
  4. The text of the article has to be accompanied with a title, an abstract and key words in Russian and English, as well as UDC.
  5. Post-graduate students are not charged for the publications
  6. Author assures that he /she has the exclusive copyright to the submitted article and that the material is original. The author ensures that submitted article will not be published in other scientific journals (third parties) before the end of its review.
  7. Send your article to the publisher
  8. Please send the following information about the author: name, patronymic and surname of the author, the author’s place of work, the author’s position, science degree, scientific title, e-mail and phone number (for communication with the editorial board). The editorial board has the right to edit necessary contributions to the article.
  9. Text layout: the text should be typed in Times New Roman, font – 14 pt, line spacing – 1.5, all margins – 20 mm. Abbreviations has to include the full name at first mention in the text. The number of pictures should be justified logically. They must be sent in separate files in TIF format. Tables are typed in 12 pt. Head titles are in separate sheets.
  10. The minimum article length is 7 pages.
  11. All research papers received by the editorial board of “Economic Revival of Russia” are the subject of mandatory review.
  12. Time constraints for the procedure of reviewing are defined individually for each case with regard to dates of article quick publication.
  13. All articles undergo anonymous reviewing. The author of the reviewed article can see the text of the review. Breach of confidentiality is possible only when there is a statement from a reviewer for invalidity or falsification of article materials.
  14. Procedure of reviewing. A reviewer should study the article for up to one month since receiving it. He / she analyzes the article and presents review to the editorial board of the journal. The review reflects: a general characteristic of author’s materials, assessment of the article in accordance with the criteria for scientific publications, including the degree of novelty, originality, validity, significance of author’s conclusions and proposals mentioned in the article. The reviewer presents his / her reasoned opinion and recommends the article for publication or rejects it with reasons for such a decision. He / she can also recommend that the article has to be corrected by the author and requires a re-review. The review is in written form. It is confirmed with a signature and a stamp of the reviewer.
  15. If the review has recommendations for improving the article, the member of the editorial board directs the text of the review to the author with the suggestions to include recommendations or (partially or completely) give reasonable arguments against them. Improved version of the article is reviewed again.
  16. If the article hasn’t been recommended by the reviewer for publication, it is not accepted for a repeated review. The text of the negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or post.
  17. Originals of the reviews are stored at the editorial office of “Economic revival of Russia” for three years.
  18. After the editorial board agrees to publish the article, the member of the editorial board informs the author about it and indicates publication time.